So Scream 4 wasn’t the comeback for the franchise everyone was hoping for, barely leaving its mark at the box office. That said, given certain similarities with recent series The Following, also written by Scream‘s Kevin Williamson, it’s actually not that much of a surprise that MTV have come up with the idea to turn it into a TV series. Alright, before we go on, it does also bear a striking resemblance to Harper’s Island that didn’t fare too well with audiences but if the writer(s) can pull together something more along the lines of The Following then surely it shouldn’t turn stale after a short first series.

There has been talk of an MTV adaptation of the Scream franchise for a couple of years but only now has the channel ordered a pilot and to make matters better, they are in talks with Wes Craven to bring him on board as director for the scripted hour-long episode. Should the pilot result in a full series being ordered it should be gracing our screens by summer 2014. MTV Executives Tony DiSanto (Teen Wolf) and Liz Gateley (The Hills) are on board as Executive Producers for the series which will be produced by Dimension Films.

Although the fourth entry in the movie franchise found fans growing tired of ghostface, should Craven accept to direct the pilot then that alone would certainly pick up a lot more media/public attention and credibility well before it airs on MTV. Scream was also certainly a hit thanks to the great twist-filled script penned by writer/creator Kevin Williamson and it would be more than wise to try and twist his arm him to get involved in the project, particularly given his track record with TV series such as The OC and The Following. Sadly, It’s looking highly unlikely as he’s just a tad overworked with The Following now that a second series has been greenlit.

Although not a fan of the current Teen Wolf series on MTV, it certainly has its following and it may be the perfect time to exploit the teenage generation following MTV’s current roster of series and introduce them to Ghostface with an all new and fresh take on proceedings. All we’ll have to do now is wait for the pilot and see if it gets picked up so let’s hope Ghostface makes all the right (phone)calls.