Vince Vaughn is starring in The Internship, released in UK cinemas next week on the 3rd July, but why wait until then to enjoy this behemoth of an actor (he’s 6ft 5 y’know? Just Googled it as I knew he was tall), you could always catch up on my five favourite Vince Vaughn performances listed below. That Psycho remake definitely isn’t in there, if that’s not enough to sell this list to you, I don’t know what is.

5. Wedding Crashers

Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers
An onscreen partnership alongside Owen Wilson again, Vaughn plays for laughs perfectly, with a splendid ensemble cast. A film that sometimes misses the mark, but Vaughn rarely misses with what he’s been given.

4. The Lost World : Jurassic Park

Vince Vaughn in The Lost World : Jurassic Park
Spielberg’s follow up to Jurassic Park is excellent, as is Vaughn. Compelling as Nick Van Owen, an environmental activist, photographer and along for the ride to document dinosaurs, Vaughn’s performance and his character serve the film well.

3. Thumbsucker

Vince Vaughn in Thumbsucker
A smaller role here, but splendidly played in this quirky, indie gem. One of the most interesting films in Vince Vaughn’s back catalogue and well worth a watch.

2. Old School

Vince Vaughn in Oldschool
Vaughn’s onscreen buddy is another Wilson, this time Luke, alongside regular cohort Will Ferrell. All three are highly hilarious as older gents trying to recapture their youth. Any film that features The Dan Band is good with me.

1. Swingers

Vince Vaughn in Swingers
Easily my favourite Vince Vaughn performance of all time. Young Vince plays a young Vince, in this 1996 flick, penned by friend John Favreau. Doug Liman directs a slick, smooth yet offbeat film. Vaughn is cocky, arrogant and offsets the understated Farveau perfectly, as their natural friendship shines through. Some of my favourite dialogue of all time, it’s just money, baby.