Although not set to release until the end of the summer season Focus Features has now released a set of screen shots giving us all the more reason to get very excited about director John Crowley’s upcoming thriller Closed Circuit.

The film will feature Eric Bana, soon to be seen in the UK release of Deadfall, and Rebecca Hall as lawyers and ex-lovers who find their loyalties tested and their lives in danger when they are reunited on the same defence team in an international terrorist’s trial. With a scipt penned by Eastern Promises writer Steven Knight we’re surely in for a great edge-of-our-seat ride and if Bana and Hall weren’t enough the cast also features Ciarán Hinds, Riz Ahmed, Julia Stiles and Jim Broadbent to name but a few.

Closed Circuit is slated for a US release date of August 28, 2013. We’ll let you know when a UK theatrical release date is confirmed.