The Minions are here! And they’re accompanied by Hollywood stars Steve Carell and Miranda Cosgrove, who lend their voices to Gru and Margo in Universal’s eagerly-awaited sequel Despicable Me 2.

Zooming off a plane from promotional goings on in Spain the pair headed straight over to an exclusive photo call in Pottersfield, overlooking a dramatic London backdrop. To Steve and Miranda’s surprise a rather elegant Minion hot air balloon was awaiting their arrival along with a couple of Gru’s much loved, and in this case larger-than-life, Minions.

As you can see below, Steve and Miranda posed for a few snapshots in this more than idyllic setting.

The eagerly-anticipated sequel, hitting UK cinemas next Friday, June 28 finds reformed crook Gru happier than Larry, playing dad to his three adoptive daughters. Obviously, with his obscure past shadowing his every move, domestic bliss turns to mayhem as he finds himself recruited by the Anti-Villain League to track down a malicious mastermind.

Comedian Russell Brand also reprises his role as Doctor Nefario, whilst newcomer to the series, Kristen Wiig provides the voice of his screwball sidekick Lucy.

To celebrate Steve Carell’s visit to the UK The Sun will be conducting a live webchat tomorrow at 3.25 pm so be sure to submit those questions you’ve always wanted to ask him.

We’ll leave you with an exclusive featurette as Steve Carell takes a look inside Despicable Me 2.