Four games into the video game franchise that is Gears of War and it looks like Marcus Fenix and the troops of Delta Squad will be attacking the big screen. The highly successful Xbox 360 and PC game relates the ongoing battle of the Delta Squad to save the remaining human survivors on the fictional planet Sera from the relentless underground enemy, the Locust Horde.

Given the fact that the game currently ranks as the 5th best selling Xbox 360 game of all time it’s been on the cards for some time but it’s surprising it’s come to fruition so late in the day. The reason for this was that, despite original plans for a Gears of War feature film between the game’s creators Epic Games and New Line back in 2007, the two companies failed to see eye to eye regarding their visions of the story on film. Since then, the film rights went back to Epic’s court and the company have been searching for the right producers ever since.

Five years on and it would appear that they have gone with Scott Stuber, the man behind the likes of Ted and Safe House. Although Stuber is producing, there is no word as to who will be writing the script nor who will be cast in the leading roles.

Stuber and Epic are reportedly taking the project to a number of studios as we speak, and, given Stuber’s first-look dealings with Universal it could well be picked up by said studio. Furthermore, whoever is eventually picked up to pen the story will have plenty of material to play with given the four games already released in the video game series. Obviously, the producers will be preparing the film with an eye towards possible sequel material so we’re hazarding a guess that the first film, should it go ahead, will be loosely based on either the first game in the original trilogy or, failing that, the recently release prequel Gears of War: Judgment.

Which story would you like to see brought to the big screen and who would you cast as Marcus Fenix? We’re thinking maybe Sam Worthington or Dominic Purcell… Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.