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To help you decide if you haven’t already we would like to introduce Mike and Sulley.


mikeHe’s the kind of Monster you want on your team. He’ll take you to the top, not with his brawn, but with his brains. He’s the one with a dream and the persistence to see it through; there is no situation this monster cannot see a solution for. He makes his way through life a cautious step at a time, but you only have to look into his eye to know that Mike Wazowski is going to make it big.

Birth date: NOVEMBER 16
Height: 3’9″


sulleyHe’s the kind of monster who’s always had it made. You just have to take one look at his glistening fangs and exquisitely curved horns to know he means business, and that business is scary! He strolls through life with an ease he’s had since birth, heir to a famous scaring legacy, all you have to do is hear his roar to know that James P. Sullivan is the real deal.

Birth date: August 17
Height: 7’6″

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