We’ll leave you with a message from the Dean herself, Dame Mirren.



Well that’s the Q and A wrapped. For me, the film was loved by the people who worked on it and that certainly shone through. It was enjoyable and Dame Mirren made it brilliant. I only wish that all this energy could have been spent on an original piece of work rather than playing it so safe on established, well loved characters who’s story i believed was done.


Helen would come to the studio dressed like her character to help herself get into the role. (Now that would have been a sight to treasure.)



When talking about treading the fine line between scary and comedy, character design is incredibly important.


When talking about voice acting, Helen says she struggled not being able to have her body language adding to her air of authority.


Helen chips in by saying that the best way to fight fear is to act like you’re not afraid.

Dan mentions that’s an easy thing to do for an actor.


Dan says that he fought his own personal fears by simply focusing on the story.


Helen Mirren muses who the best monster would be to pass scare school. Everyone agrees they’d like to see Alien sat in a lecture hall.


Dan, when asked whether there were scenes he had to cut that he wished had eventually made it into the film but, because of the nature of the way Pixar works, he felt that there was nothing he could add that wasn’t already there.


Director Dan Scanlon is scared of clowns whilst Producer Kori Rae hates public speaking. Helen Mirren avoids the question by talking about the ability to wear hundreds of shoes if she were a centipede.


Mirren says she didn’t base her Dean character on anyone although she does remember being terrified of her headmistress when she was young who gave her the ironic advice ‘the greatest thing to fear is fear itself.’

Finding the right voice for the Dean was the most difficult part and after that, the character came easily.


Monsters University created 100,856 storyboards, by far the most for any Pixar film yet.


The conference is running late so I’m doing some revision. I don’t want to fail the test at the end of the semester and get kicked out of MU!


Tip for scaring children #2:
Unlike the ‘Two-headed Grower’ the ‘Himalayan Grower’ requires three eyes


If you want to perfect your ‘Cobra Hiss’ make sure your brow inversion is at 102degrees and your tongue is raised. (helpful note, make sure you flash some gum)


That technique is called the ‘Cyclops Fowl’


Tip for scaring children #1: keep your upper lids furled down over your pupils slightly when you glare


This lecture hall is a perfect setting for this film, illustrations teaching me how to scare little children are on the blackboards behind where the speakers will sit. (yup, i didn’t think blackboards were still a thing either)


There are more people at the press conference than at the screening and I’m excited to hear what Helen Mirren, Kori Rae and Dan Scanlon have to say about the film.


I have arrived at kings college and shown through to the back courtyard where they’ve set up some stalls mirroring the freshmen fair in monsters university.



So Cinema Sauce is at the conference now. not long now.

HAving watched the film this morning, its basic charm made up for a lot.


You’re probably wondering who’s going to be attending the Monsters University Press Conference, right?

Well Director Dan Scanlon and Producer Kori Rae will be accompanied by Helen Mirren who we all know voices Dean Hardscrabble.



Expect lots of cool characters including this guy!



Our live coverage of the Monsters University Press Conference in London will start approximately at 13:45 GMT+1. We are also attending an early screening of Monsters University this morning and we can’t wait! Please check back later for more awesome information from today’s live events.