“The dead get a mission. That’s all we get.”

Punisher fans get ready as McFarland & Pecci are back to present a stark new vision of this iconic heroe, based on Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto’s powerful run of comics.

Director Mike Pecci’s The Dead Can’t Be Distracted will star newcomer Nick Apostolides & Evalena Marie (30 Days of Night).

Many will know McFarland & Pecci for their dark films (Mike Pecci’s GRINDHOUSE SHORTS), award winning mini-docs (VICE FIGHTLAND, RUNG’S IN THE LADDER) and world renowmed music videos (FEAR FACTORY,KILLSWITCH ENGAGE).

The film’s official website went live a few days ago and you can find out further details over there: TDCBDMOVIE.COM or mcfarlandandpecci.com

Also be sure to follow them on Facebook , Twitter and Tumblr where you can search #TDCBD #MCFARLANDANDPECCI for more info.

Normally, we’d leave you with a trailer but it’s still impending and will be available here very soon.