June is upon us and our second Top 10 Must-See Films of the month section for Cinema Sauce.

Take a look below at what’s HOT this month and then watch the trailers!

Behind The Candelabra – In UK Cinemas 7th June 2013

Although only aired on HBO in the US, don’t be put off. The reason behind that is that it was regarded as too gay for cinemas. The UK gives the film the theatre treatment it appears to deserve based on reviews so far.

Reviews coming out of Cannes already claim the lead role performances are nothing short of stellar.

Man of Steel – In UK Cinemas 14th June 2013

So many directors have been attached to this before Zack Snyder was eventually chosen. Sucker Punch aside this is the man behind possibly the best horror remake in history, Dawn of the Dead, and he has also proved his adeptness in superhero territory with Watchmen.

Some chap called Christopher Nolan wrote the story and, looking on imdb, it seems he has a pretty good track record.

It’s amazing that so many trailers have been released whilst keeping as much plot as possible under wraps. Some chap called Christopher Nolan is apparently to blame for all this secrecy.

To cut a long story shot, like Avengers last year, this could well be THE film to watch in 2013.

Much Ado About Nothing – In UK Cinemas 14th June 2013

It’s in Joss Whedon’s back garden and everyone wants to see what his garden shed looks like right?

Unlike recent revamps, Whedon and co. have stuck to the bard’s script, word for word. We’re very interested to see the result, especially as the entire cast has been meeting in Whedon’s back yard to perform such plays on a regular basis for years?

Where to begin with the cast? Pretty much everyone Whedon has worked with before so expect great chemistry amongst all the cast.

Before Midnight – In UK Cinemas 21st June 2013

Early reviews say that the third entry is the logical extension of where this relationship story should and must go.

Hawke and Delpy do relationship chit chat like no others right?

The Seasoning House – In UK Cinemas 21st June 2013

Although this is the directorial debut for Paul Hyett, he is a more than seasoned professional having been involved in prosthetics and make up in films such as The Woman in Black, Attack The Block, Eden Lake and The Last Horror Movie.

Kevin Howarth turned in one of the most memorable roles I have seen in many a year in The Last Horror Movie so it will be great to see him in another project with Hyett. If you haven’t, make sure you get hold of a copy of The Last Horror Movie, certainly something for those yearning for something in the same vein as Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.

Snitch – In UK Cinemas 21st June 2013

Who said The Rock couldn’t act? Although advertised as an action thriller this relies more on the latter and is so much more character driven than you’ve come to expect from Dwayne Johnson action flicks.

Jon Bernthal, or as most of you know him, Shane Walsh, brilliantly portrays a ex-druggie trying to get back on the straight and narrow until The Rock twists his arm to help him out.

If you saw 2008’s Felon also written and directed by Ric Roman Waugh, stuntman turned writer/director, then you know pretty much what you are in for and that is certainly something to be excited about.

World War Z – In UK Cinemas 21st June 2013

The idea of the zombies swarming like ants brings something all new to the mix. This is highly likely given the fact it is the most expensive zombie movie of all time. Here’s to hoping the script matches the films ambition and scope.

Brad Pitt and Mireille Enos against zombies is about as much as anyone can ask for, especially as Pitt himself got on board as zombies was something he had never tackled before.

Muse will be used in the soundtrack which I’m looking forward to after their music was featured in Alexandre Aja’s Haute Tension. Their inclusion in the Twilight Saga has not been mentioned here on purpose. Oh damn, just mentioned it…

Despicable Me 2 – In UK Cinemas 28th June 2013

If the original is only half as full of the heart and laughs of the original we’re in for a treat. We have the same writing team on hand so that should deal with that.

Ken Jeong voices a full character this time round so that alone is worth the ticket price.

Javier Bardem was supposed to have voice the villain but exited the project. How cool would that have been.

The East – In UK Cinemas 28th June 2013

Made up of the writing team responsible for Sound of My Voice, The East is already being praised as the final big step before the amazing movie that Batmanglij and Marling will make.

Despite early reviews stating the film possesses a certain amount of dramatic illogic it would appear that we are in for an adrenaline-rush thriller leaving no time for audiences to breathe.

This is The End – In UK Cinemas 28th June 2013

Franco, Hill, Rogen and the list goes on. Comedy ensembles don’t get much bigger than this and last week’s The Big Wedding was hard to beat in those stakes.

We’re guessing you’ve seen Superbad and Pineapple Express. Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen to blame for those too. Reason enough?