Lords of London finds Tony Lord (Glen Murphy), a notorious gangster, with quite the problem.

Waking up in an abandoned farmhouse, with blood stains on his shirt, and absolute no memory as to how they got there he stumbles his way to a small town only to find he’s in an Italian village that seems to be lost in time. There are no phones and, as a stranger, no one will talk to him, except for one kind man, Francesco.

Something in Francesco’s tale strikes a familiar chord with Tony, and he soon realises he didn’t end up there by mere chance. Tony puts the pieces together, ultimately having to choose between continuing his life as a gangster or sacrificing himself so others can live.

With the film out now in the UK we are celebrating the release by giving away a copy of the DVD to 3 lucky winners.

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Question: Ray Winstone, who plays Terry Lord in Lords of London, made his acting debut in what TV Show?

  • a) The Bill
  • b) The Sweeney
  • c) CSI: London
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