This Saturday June 29 Lifetime Movie Network will premiere Estilo Productions’ first greenlit movie project Pop Star.

This coming-of-age musical features an ensemble cast with Christian Serratos, Ross Thomas, Eric Roberts and Rachele Brooke Smith. The company was set up by entertainment entrepreneur George Caceres in 2005, initially intending to produce advertisements in the US, Canada and the United Kingdom. George, renowned for his relentlessness expanded the company moving on to produce events and finance television shows and films. We managed to get George on the phone to speak to us about his hopes and expectations for the first feature film with Estilo Productions and what he and the company have in store for us for the very near future.

I believe you started your career as a Speedo model.

Oh my gosh! So you want to go that far back?

Well, basically I’m relentless when I want something and I was drawn to the entertainment industry from a very young age. When I was modelling I wasn’t happy as I just felt like another number. After that I decided to go to film school and went on to directing for a good many years. I also dabbled in variou