The film False Trail, a Swedish film released as Jägarna 2 (Hunters 2), is the long overdue follw-up to to Kjell Sundvall’s 1996 Scandinavian hit noir film, Jägarna. Rolf Lassgård (renowned for his protrayal of Kurt Wallander) stars as a homicide cop sent back from Stockholm to investigate the disappearance of a local woman on his old stomping ground Norrland, where the first film was set. Little does he realise he is about to come into conflict with a local cop and longtime enemy played by none other than Peter Stormare. Fans of the Coen brother’s Fargo are in for a real treat if they haven’t caught this one yet. This gripping and disturbing film is now available on DVD and we spoke to Rolf all about the film and his take on the surging US remakes of foreign films in recent years.