The next generation of Xbox consoles was announced yesterday at Xbox Reveal where Microsoft introduced the Xbox One. With it they plan to change the gaming and TV experience to make the user more engaged with the content on screen. This shows they are taking TV rather seriously for this next-gen console. With this they announced they will be producing a HALO TV series that looks to be exclusive for Xbox users.

The HALO franchise has been in pre-production limbo for what feels like a millennia with a number of different film makers and studios rumoured to be involved over the years. After the success of Microsoft’s web series HALO: Forward Unto Dawn based around the 4th outing of the Master Chief’s video game HALO 4, it seems that finally they have been given the green light on a HALO production.  The series will be made by developer 343 Industries and Steven Spielberg himself. Spielberg said at the reveal that he is an avid video game player and huge fan of the HALO franchise, so we have high hopes that this series will prove to do the video game justice.

There was nothing given away about the narrative of the project or what characters it will be based around. Whether it will be based on one of the games or whether it will be a brand new story line, we just don’t know. Yet knowing that Dreamworks and Spielberg are involved, along with 343 industries, does suggest exceedingly high production values and a loyalty to the worlds created in the video game however video game to film adaptations rarely seem to deliver what fans expect from them. I suppose all we can do now is play the waiting game.